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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone use this app?

Anyone over the age of 18 is permitted to use this application.

What does it cost to join the network?

Nothing. SPARE will not charge you any fees nor are there maintenance fees to be part if the network.

How many different digital wallets does SPARE accept?

SPARE strives to import as many digital wallets and currencies into its platform as possible.

Can I send promo funds to my bank?

We do not allow users to cash out promo funds to their bank account. The funds are designed to be used inside of the network with either other users or with our business partners. 

How do I send funds to my bank?

As long as you have a minimum balance of $50 you can send us a request via the customer care chat with:

The amount you want to withdraw, name on the bank account, routing number and account number. 

*We reserve the right to restrict bank transfers if they are solely for promotional funds that should be used within the network.

What is the "zero tolerance" policy?

Any behavior that creates: fraud, the illusion of fraud, illegal action, misuse of funds, failure to properly identify, gaming the promotional system or any activity the company deems to be unsavory to the network of users and/or business partners will cause the user account to be suspended and all ill-gotten funds removed. 

My account was suspended - what should I do?

Feel free to reach out to our customer service. It could be a simple issue to fix (ID verification, missing contact info, etc.).

Once an account is suspended the company reserves the right to not allow that account to resume operation if it falls under the provisions of the "zero tolerance policy".

How can I open SPARE on my phone, Laptop, Computer?

Download the app or go to:

I already have a SPARE account, what do I have to do?

Submit your government issued ID fro verification, fund your SPARE wallet and you are ready to go.

I have closed my browser. How can I find my barcode?

The QR and Bar codes are accessible via the app when a request is active. Some locations allow you to use your phone number and pin however, you will be required to show your ID. 

SPARE shows me that my session has expired what do I do?

Restart the app or your web browser.

How much time do I have to confirm a payment with SPARE?

All payments instantly come our of your digital wallet or payment method. 

How does SPARE work for Merchants?

Select the amount of cash you would like to give out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Our system will connect you with user that need cash through the month. Ensure that have registered your account, submitted necessary documents, your account has been verified by one of our sales members and you are free to operate. 

Do I need a Bank Account as a Merchant?


How does SPARE pay the Merchants?

Into their SPARE bank account or merchants partners can have funds sent to another bank (for a fee). 

What are the Fees for using SPARE as ATM?

Fees range from free up to 5%

Can SPARE be use as POS?

Yes, we have several network partners that use POS such as: Clover, Miura, Pax, Ingenico and Toast.

Will the Customers and Merchants receive a receipt for the transaction?

Yes, each gets an email notification as well as access to the transaction history in their account via the app or web. 

Can Customers withdraw cash from any merchant that offers SPARE?

Most of SPAREs merchants offer cash out however, we have some that limit their services to "Cash-in", "Check Cashing" and "Loans". If you need help telling the difference - use the sort button in the app. 

Is there a Limit on withdraw with SPARE?

Yes, there are limits based one your security tier level.

Where can I withdraw cash with TWINT?

If the digital wallet is available in SPARE - then you can get cash anywhere int he network.

Can a business or company pay their Workers or Employees using SPARE?

Yes. This will help them reduce time and cost for getting funds to their employees and contractors.

Can SPARE be used to pay Vendors, Contractors, Tuitions, or Bills?

At this time we only support vendors and select bills. Contact customer service for an update on their service. 

Why is SPAREs "zero tolerance" policy so strict?

Trust. We have worked hard to build our network of users and small businesses. We have seen many different forms of fraud that degrade the integrity of our network. In addition, we are a small company and if we were held responsible (as a company) for every transaction that ended in fraud in our network - we would not have a company after a very short period of time. 

Why does my check take so long to clear?

Your first check will not clear until we have received the funds from your bank, which is typically 24-72 hours after submission. It is not until you have processed your 4th check (and the previous 3 have cleared without issue) that you may be eligible for instant access on check deposits.

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